Sports Medicine Association of Pakistan has collaborated with multiple leading health and fitness organisations to bring internationally accredited courses to Pakistan. This has enabled our fitness industry to raise their standards at par with international practise and achieve accreditation close to home.

Level 1 Boxercise Instructor Course

Boxercise is an exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers.

Sessions typically involve hitting focus pads but no class involves hitting an opponent. It is a fun, challenging and safe workout which is great for stress busting, accessible to all ages and fitness levels.

Conducted by Boxercise limited UK

Accredited by REPs UK

Held by SMAP, July 2018 at Fitnasium gym Karachi

Accredited Trainers

Risha Zia

Sadia Owais

Syed Munawwar Hussain

Aisha AJ

Mehmood Abro

Taimoor Mehmood

Rishad Yousuf

Aqsa Ahmed

Uzair Irfan

Fahad Mateen

Qurat Ul Ain Usman

Olympic Lifting Instructor Course

Conducted by Trainfitness International UK

Recognised by REPs UK , ACSM

Held by SMAP in November 2018 at Body Station gym, Karachi

Accredited Trainers

Usman Shah

Namrah Haroon


Tarir Shaikh


Fahad Mateen

Uzair Mateen


Najaf Bilgrami

Shahbaz Ashraf

Uzma Rafat

Danish Wazeer




T3 Workouts

T3 workouts are 30-minute high intensity interval training sessions that can be delivered by personal trainers, gym and group exercise instructors.

T3 sessions feature exercise sequences that are not choreographed to music and which can be performed on the gym floor, in the studio, at home, or outside. T3 is an abbreviation of Train. Track. Transform. – train hard, track your results and transform your body. The T3 HIIT Workout course is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and meets the criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status

Conducted by T3 Worlouts

Held by SMAP

Accredited Trainers

Rabeet Khan

Asif Rana

Najaf Bilgrami

Uzair Mateen

Tabassum M.Zubair

Areeba Sajjad

Syed Muhammad Ali

Osama Khan

Mehek Taherani

Zeib Jahangir

Sajid Zia

Saima Anjum

Mustafa Ali Khan

Ali Khan

Huma Iqbal

Syed Daniyal

Alina Iftikhar

Uzair Irfan

Faizan Khatri

Hassan Muhammad Hanif

Muhammad anas

Taimoor Mehmood