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Message SMAP
  • Danish Zaheer
        President Elect, AFSM

  • Waqar H. Kazmi
        Chairman, Organising     Committee

  • Dr. Pervez Rezvey
       Secretary General, SMAP

  • Engr. Ahson Khan
       Organising Secretary
    Message from the Chairman, Organising Committee

    I take it as a great honour to send out my message for the 13th Scientific Congress by the Sports Medicine Association of Pakistan (SMAP).

    The role of sports sciences cannot be ignored in the current competitive world of sports. Sports Medicine has a lot to offer and educational programssuch as

    this, organised by SMAP, help countries stay abreast of the latest developments in the medical science of sports. Regular instructional courses of this nature are the ideal medium for reaching out to the youth for enlightening them with the scientific advancement in sports and the menace of drug abuse.

    It is indeed heartening that many distinguished speakers and experts will come under one roof to exchange and share views, impart their knowledge
    as well as contribute to the vast reserve of potentials this field bears.

    I hope this effort will lead us to bigger ventures on much larger scales
    and with even greater participation while focusing on research and latest
    development in sports sciences.

    I wish the delegates a pleasant course.

    Prof. Dr. Waqar H. Kazmi
    Chairman, Organising Committee